Can you tell me:

  • What impact will your upcoming office move have on team performance?
  • Which teams need to communicate more to drive company goals? Why?
  • Do you have enough shared spaces for collaboration, and are people using them?
  • What do your teams need in order to be successful and engaged?

Now You Can.

Find Your Answers!

Historically, planning solutions have been tedious, rudimentary or intrusive

Your Elements dashboard pulls together multiple data sources to help you understand the connection between social networks and business goals.

By understanding which teams work together, how and where they work together, you can make sure your decisions are good for business. 

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One source for the truth

Move away from spreadsheets. Stop interrupting employees with surveys. Understand, objectively, how teams work and what they need to be successful. Back your decisions with data. Prove the value of your interventions. Create a high performing workspace that employees want to work in.

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