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Humanyze Workplace Solutions

Teamwork and Engagement

Visualize your team's engagement and cohesion communication network diagrams. Understand if your top performers act differently or if you have knowledge experts controlling communication flow in your organization.

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Process Improvement

Capture how communication patterns impact your processes. Get quick feedback on how process changes have altered team collaboration and cohesion. Gain the ability to continuously improve process with rapid feedback.

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Space Planning

Find out what kind of spaces are optimal for your organizations. Determine where your team spends most of their time and what kind of configuration fosters the best collaboration. Locate your team with the organizations they work with most often.

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For the Individual

  • Personal Dashboard – Understand where and how you spend your time. Get a look into what everyday actions contribute the most to your creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

  • Goals and Benchmarks – Once you know how you spend your time, set personal goals to help you achieve. Whether it's increasing your network or getting more work time, you can set and track your own progress. See how you compare to your team or other roles in your organization.

  • Data Privacy – Your data is yours. Humanyze will never give access to your specific data to anyone but you. Any information provided to the organization is anonymized and aggregated to protect your privacy.

For the Organization

  • Management Dashboard – Dashboards specifically designed to help you understand how your organization works. Find out which teams spend the most time together and which locations foster the best collaboration. Identify silos or communication hubs to help remove organizational bottlenecks.

  • KPI Impact – Personalized reports that show how changes improve communication and the bottom line.

  • Process Improvement – With richer insight and continuous feedback, organizations can have immediate feedback about which process changes impact their business positively.

Press Room

October 26, 2015
Read Canadian Business's exposé on our work with Deloitte before and after a redesign of their St. John’s office.

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August 13, 2015
The Atlantic chronicles how offices will change for better and for worse with the help of Dr. Ben Waber, President and CEO of Sociometric Solutions®.

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June 16, 2015
Read Jeremy Doyle's take on Big Data and the large scale effects it can have on your business. Jeremy Doyle is the Vice President of Partnerships here at Humanyze.

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How Social Sensing Technology Will Transform Business and What It Tells Us about the Future of Work (Financial Times Press)

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