Humanyze is paving the way in helping organizations understand how their teams interact in order to increase performance. Founded in 2011 out of the MIT Media Lab, the company brings over a decade of advanced research in organizational network analysis and behavioral science to Fortune 1,000 companies to help them uncover how work actually gets done.

With a global presence spanning the US, Europe and Asia, Humanyze is on a mission to improve the future of work.

Get immediate insight to help you uncover patterns on how work actually gets done, decide on the types of interventions to make, and measure the impact of change management initiatives on productivity and performance.


We fight for data privacy.
Allowing employees to opt-in, aggregate and anonymize data, and not recording content.

We are data-driven.
We are data scientists. Objective in our hypothesis, data measurement, and analysis to help organizations understand how their employees actually work.

We are problem-solvers.
Helping organizations answer specific business questions.

We are truthful.
Factual, reliable and transparent with our employees, customers, and end-users.

We challenge the status quo.
Exploring why things are done and how they can be done better to create opportunities for innovation for ourselves and our customers.


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Ben Waber

CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Ben Waber is the CEO and co-founder of Humanyze. He is a visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab, previously worked as a senior researcher at Harvard Business School, and received his Ph.D. from MIT for his work with Alex Sandy” Pentland’s Human Dynamics group. Waber’s work has been featured in major media outlets such as Wired, The Economist, and NPR. He has consulted for industry leaders such as LG, McKinsey & Company, and Gartner on technology trends, social networks, and organizational design. His book, People Analytics, was published by the Financial Times Press in 2013.

Michelle Bradbury

Chief Product Officer

Michelle Bradbury is the Chief Product Officer at Humanyze. Michelle is responsible for driving product vision and engineering development. She has over 20 years experience in technology and analytics including data warehousing, big data platforms, and analytics platforms. Previously, she led Microsoft, CapitalOne, and Pentaho’s product and engineering efforts in the analytics space. Throughout her career, she has been a part of the evolution of information usage and dissemination and has spoken on this topic at the Big Data Symposium, TiE StartUp Con, and FWD50. Michelle received a BBA in Marketing from the University of North Texas and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Southern Methodist University.

Gregg Carman

Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Operations

As Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Operations at Humanyze, Gregg is responsible for the company’s customer-centric efforts and go-to-market strategy. Gregg has over 20 years of experience building high output teams across the technology industry at companies like SAP, C3 Energy, and Siebel Systems. In 1998, he joined Siebel Systems and was part of the team that defined the global CRM marketplace as it became the fastest growing enterprise software company in history. Gregg served as the Treasurer of the Massachusetts Service Alliance and was a Board Member of the Boston Center for Adult Education. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from The Ohio State University.

Jeremy Doyle

Chief Customer Officer

Jeremy Doyle is the Chief Customer Officer at Humanyze. Jeremy is responsible for helping Fortune 500 clients build people analytics programs and drive customer ROI: from onboarding, education, and expansion. Jeremy has spoken at SHRM, CoreNET, WorkTech, HERO, and CoreTech, and has co-published research in the American Behavioral Scientist. Prior to Humanyze, Jeremy launched pharmaceutical products as a sales and training leader and founded Altility Energy. He received a BS in Economics from the University of Louisville and his MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College.

Taemie Kim

Chief Scientist and Co-Founder

Dr. Taemie Kim is the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Humanyze. She is a global expert on collaborative technologies, with experience in the mobile and management services industries. Taemie received her MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and her Ph.D. from the MIT Media Lab for her work with Alex “Sandy” Pentland’s Human Dynamics group. She has published over 40 research articles, most notably in the Journal of Organizational Behavior and the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. She leads our Analytics Division and is responsible for the science behind our platform.

Daniel Olguin Olguin

Chief Finance and Operations Officer and Co-Founder

Daniel Olguin Olguin is the Chief Finance and Operations Office and co-founder of Humanyze. From 2010-2013, Daniel served as Humanyze’s Chief Technology Officer. In 2013, he took on the role of COO, overseeing the company’s daily Technology, Analytics, Consulting, Finance, Human Relations and Legal operations. In 2017 he was named CFO focusing on Finance, Legal, HR and internal operations. He received a Ph.D. and a Master of Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab, focusing his research on human behavior, social network analysis, and organizational design. Daniel holds numerous patents and received his MS and BS degrees in Electronics Engineering from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico.

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Humanyze is paving the way in helping organizations understand how their teams interact in order to increase performance. Working at Humanyze means joining the fastest growing company in the organizational analytics space. With offices in Boston, Palo Alto, Houston and Amsterdam, we’re looking for exceptional team members to help grow our global footprint!

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