In Charge of Agile Transformation?

April 25th @ noon EST!

Group performance is a long-studied science.  Repeated studies have shown that some of the main aspects leading to team success include trust, communication, and collaboration.  These elements help create an environment that allows Agile teams to perform at their peak, but until now it had been impossible to understand exactly how these factors were impacting your specific team.


The Humanyze Elements Platform is the first platform that helps you objectively measure how work patterns are driving performance.


Traditionally Agile teams have used velocity KPIs like story points, hours or story counts to measure the productivity or throughput of their Agile teams.  While these KPIs are tremendously important, they do very little to help you understand the “why” behind success (or failure).

SCRUM Agile Process Transformation


Elements is an organizational network analysis (ONA) platform that uses your teams’ collaboration metadata to find and measure relevant metrics to your Agile teams’ KPIs.  Once your most correlated metrics have been identified, Agile team leaders, Scrum masters, and engineering management can create proactive changes to the way their teams work to create better trust, cohesion, and performance.


Join Humanyze for a live demo and webinar on Agile Optimization to discover how your team can benefit from identifying key drivers of success. Key takeaways;

*Why communication matters for team success

*How to understand why your team is (or isn’t) hitting your Agile KPI’s

*How to get continuous feedback to drive your Agile processes

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