Global Technology Firm Identifies Employee Performance Drivers

Understanding What Drives Productivity

A global technology firm wanted to understand the key performance drivers of its engineers to maximize employee performance. Historically, the tech firm used training, experience and educational levels as predictors of performance – but soon found that these were poor indicators of performance. Since there were significant gaps in performance, the company wanted to find out why some engineers were so much more productive than others, and how they could learn from the high performers to support others.

Impact of Key Employees and Knowledge Sharing

Humanyze technology was deployed to analyze team communication and task completion. The data revealed several cohesive organizational networks, with key members having significantly more impact on the completion of tasks. After team members interacted with one of these key players, the team member’s productivity increased by over 60% and drove task completion across the team. However, these key players were experiencing lower levels of productivity, given that they were spending a large portion of their time speaking with others and less focus time to work on individual projects. The Humanyze Elements Platform identified that there was a strong relationship between colleague interaction and task completion time, but that some interactions had diminishing returns.

 I was able to use workplace data to prove that an increase in teamwork would speed up throughput. By changing the incentive strategy to support team performance, I increased productivity by over 10%.
-VP People Analytics, Global Technology Company

Structuring Team Meetings

By identifying what was causing key teams to experience lapses in productivity, the company was able to better structure interactions. By establishing set times for meetings and knowledge sharing they were able to reduce productivity losses for key players and increase information flow to junior employees by allowing them defined time with management, growing revenue by $22M.