Humanyze has been built with privacy in our DNA.
We protect data privacy as a first principle.
No names, no content. 



Question: Do we record content?
Answer: No, the Humanyze Elements Platform doesn’t capture any content in an email, instant message, meeting, video call, or in-person conversation. It’s never exposed to personally identifiable information (PII) or private and confidential info (PCI). All data on our platform is integer based and we only process integer data that our client provides. For example, two employees sent several emails to each other this morning. The name and identities of these employees are not present in our data, there’s only an encrypted, anonymized, 256-bit integer that identifies each employee. There’s also a time stamp of when emails were sent and there’s a text field on the type of communication it was (“email”).

Question: Can we tell companies which employees are high achievers or low achievers?
Answer: No, we do not provide individual-level data to your employer or any other company. The only place where your individual information will be available is on your own personal dashboard which will accessible solely by you. Managers are only able to view aggregated team data.

Question: Do we track when employees go to the bathroom?
Answer: No, the Humanyze Badge does not track employees in the bathroom. The Humanyze Badge does not have GPS; location data is only measured when Badges are in close proximity to beacons. The Humanyze Badge only gathers general location data to understand which office spaces are being used. For example, an organization might measure whether employees are using conference rooms or not.

Question: How well is the data secured?
Answer: We encrypt all data (AES256), then purge all data 90 days after the project. There’s no personally identifiable information (PII) or private confidential information (PCI) gathered. The encryption key is always possessed and protected by our clients. This key would need to be connected to data fields on Humanyze’s environment, and merge these data sets together. This remains to be benign information, as it would only show that employee #1 and #2 sent emails to each other; it would still not be able to access the contents of that email.

Question: What does the Humanyze Badge measure?
Answer: The Humanyze Badge is a smart I.D. card. Similar to a corporate I.D. card, the Humanyze badge measures activity in a workspace. The Humanyze badge has sensors to measure whether the participant is in motion or still, their proximity to other badged users and beacons, whether the participant is talking or not talking, and the frequency and duration of in-person interactions. In addition, the badge has an on-off switch, a charging light, and a micro USB charging port. The Humanyze badge does not measure or record content, web activity, or personal activities outside the office.

Question: What can I find on my individual feedback dashboard?
Answer: Participants have access to their personal data on an individual feedback dashboard. This dashboard helps show participants how they spend their time and what contributes the most to creativity, collaboration, productivity. An individual’s data will only be available on their personal data dashboard, which is accessible solely by that individual. Humanyze will never give access to your individual data to anyone but you.

Question: Is Humanyze GDPR compliant?
Answer: Yes, we comply with GDPR Privacy Standards and we’re certified by the EU Privacy Shield Framework. The Humanyze Elements platform is deployed globally and we comply with all EU data protection requirements to process personal data in the U.S. The data received by Humanyze is fully anonymized and aggregated, per employer standards and compliance. All of our IoT projects maintain a strict employee opt in policy to participate in our project and the ability to opt out at any time.

Question: Does Humanyze help employers work with Works Councils?
Answer: We support our clients throughout the Works Council approval process to ensure a successful deployment and cohesive partnership. Documentation assistance is available for business interest use case justification and approvals.


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