The Elements® Platform allows you to pull data from the sources that matter to you. Ditch the spreadsheets and use visual data from multiple places to drive your decisions.

Ongoing Measurement

Globally Compliant 

Flexible Data Sources

Never-Before-Seen Insights

Historically, companies have had to rely on incomplete or subjective data sources to drive operational decision-making. We’ve been pioneering Organizational Analytics for over a decade and remain the only solution available that measures both digital and in-person workplace collaboration anonymously.

Privacy by Design

Elements® is designed to protect employees first. Safeguarding workplace data from unethical or unintended uses is at the core of what we do. At MIT, our founders realized that neither conversational content nor information about individuals were needed to extract meaningful information that could help companies create a better workplace for all. Since then, we’ve remained committed to exclusively looking at communication “metadata” (patterns and data about the data). Thanks to this breakthrough discovery, Humanyze is uniquely positioned to provide clients with never-before-seen insights while protecting individual privacy above all else.

Humanyze meets and exceeds global data privacy specifications, is certified within the EU Privacy Shield framework, and is compliant with all EU data protection requirements in order to process data in the United States.



Humanyze was founded in 2011 at the MIT Media Lab by Ben Waber, Taemie Kim, and Daniel Olguin while completing their PhD’s.