A Large Oil and Gas Company Expanded Production and Increased Productivity

Expanding production

A large oil and gas company announced a multi-year plan to expand an oil refinery plant and increase productivity by 200%. As part of this plan, they also planned to increase headcount by 80%. While they had blueprints to increase the size of the plant, they did not have the space for employee offices. They needed to relocate some of their staff to a building within a 15-minute drive, create more office space by expanding the plant or add trailers adjacent to the plant. The oil and gas company wanted to understand which teams were the most critical and which teams could be moved without disrupting plant productivity.

Measuring collaboration and optimizing processes

The oil and gas company used the Humanyze Elements Platform to gather badge data and analyze digital data. Using Elements, they were able to measure the volume and frequency of interactions, visualize team-to-team interactions, and map time spent in each part of the campus.

They knew that the operations and mechanical teams were critical and needed to have offices at the plant because they ran the plant’s production and maintenance. Out of the remaining 10 teams, the oil and gas company did not know which teams communicated with whom.

I was able to assess safety and productivity in a multi-billion dollar plant expansion with much greater speed and certainty than I thought
-VP People Analytics, Global Oil and Gas Company


Investing in productivity

By analyzing digital and badge data, the company discovered four teams that spoke often with the operation and mechanical teams. These four teams were critical to the plant’s productivity. The remaining six teams emailed and communicated digitally with other teams, but not as frequently. With this information, the oil and gas company felt confident moving the non-critical teams to adjacent trailers next to the plant, saving crucial funds by avoiding building an entirely new campus 15 minutes away.