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Managing Change in Organizations:

People analytics is both a new and an old phenomenon. Understanding the way we work is key to change. Companies have always measured how teams work, but they’ve used subjective methods like annual employee surveys. Now, executives have access to objective, complete data to make more informed decisions. This data can come from a variety of sources. One source is corporate communication data: the quantity and duration of communication throughout an organization. This concept of using objective, behavioral data to understand how people work and change how companies are managed is called “people analytics.”

Improving Workplace Performance and Profitability:

Organizational Health

Poor organizational health can cost companies millions of dollars and can cause confusion among departments and roles, disrupt collaboration, and slow down decision-making.

A positive company culture and having a work-life balance helps attract top talent, retain happy employees, and increase productivity. Hiring is only one aspect of ensuring diversity within an organization. One of the key drivers of diversity is mentorship and apprenticeship. This improves connectedness and two-way dialogues between employees. Inviting employees to meetings and communicating with management can help engage and retain employees. Understanding if these diversity and inclusion investments are leading to desired outcomes requires hard metrics.

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Corporate Real Estate

Facility decisions are complex: there’s a variety of choices, specialists’ jargon, and related tasks are spread throughout an organization which can confuse and obscure the issues.

Corporate real estate initiatives need to meet ever-changing business needs to reduce costs and improve productivity. Discovering which locations within the office are used most by employees can help create the right mix of meeting spaces and closed offices. To increase productivity and collaborate, companies can design common areas that promote unplanned communication. Where teams sit within a building makes a big impact on communication patterns and productivity so optimizing building assignments is key to prove corporate real estate ROI.

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Business Process Optimization

Business process diagrams don’t always show how work actually gets done. A process may be outlined, but employees and teams work differently to complete projects.

Understanding how teams collaborate can help optimize work-flows, uncover potential communication gaps and bottlenecks, and increase productivity. By measuring collaboration patterns, companies can get quick feedback on how process changes have improved teamwork and project delivery time.

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