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A Global Oil and Gas Company Saves $4.9 Million With Office Relocation

A high-growth and profitable business unit at a large oil and gas company relocated to a new campus. Leadership used the Humanyze Elements Platform to measure communication data and reassess team’s office space assignments. They found that by consolidating staff in one single building on the campus, they increased speed and efficiency by 5.3%. Across the employees included in the study, $4.9M was saved based on an average salary, wage, and benefits package. This model was also used to facilitate a restacking of teams across the remaining employees on campus and integrated an additional group of employees from a recent acquisition.

A Global Consultancy Proved the ROI of Campus Move

A global consultancy proposed a plan to move locations and build a new office to support all modes of individual and teamwork activities, increase “collisions”, spontaneous encounters between employees, and promote collaboration. They measured communication and productivity within their organization before and after the move.

After moving to the new space, there was a 19% increase in collisions, 40% increase in unique connections between employees and a 25% increase in team cohesion. The office was much tighter knit, with more face-to-face time with a more diverse group of colleagues, strengthening group trust and performance. With more brief interactions, employees were more agile and productive, reducing the need for long meetings. They also have greater access to information with low disruption to their day-to-day roles.

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