Order Sociometric® Badges

Thank you for your interest in our Sociometric® Badges. We’re excited to announce that we are accepting new applications for our beta research program! Please read the following information in detail to understand the parameters of a badge purchase for research purposes and proceed only if your project falls within these guidelines. After submission, you will receive an email survey that is required to proceed with your order.


– The Sociometric Badge is a wearable sensing device that can be used to study human behavior and social interactions. Specifically, the badge collects information on (i) audio volume (ii) movement volume, (iii) Bluetooth pings from other badge wearers (iv) infrared pings from other badge wearers. The badges will not record speech or conversational content.
– The badges are intended as an individual purchase and will not come with additional technical or analytic support. Level 1 support is available if there is a hardware error with the badges.
– The badges will provide unedited data in the form of a text file for researcher interpretation. Please note that analytics or analytical software is not included with the research badges.
– Signed acceptance of non-commercial license agreement or signed Purchase Order is required prior to purchase confirmation and shipment.

Details of each order:

– Shipments will begin winter 2018/19
– Orders must be a minimum of 5 badges.
– Badges will cost $1,000 for version 3.0. There are a limited number of version 2.0 badges available for $500 purchase. For an explanation of the differences between the two, please read this document.
– The research badges will be sold individually through a PO or a credit card.
– Your purchase will include: Badges, Download station, Extraction software, Set up and download instructions, and Laptop computer for downloading data.

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