$3 trillion was lost on organization change initiatives in 2016.
Don’t let your company become a statistic. Make impactful change today.




Starting with our work at the MIT Media Lab, we’ve pioneered a new method to help organizations measure a variety of corporate-owned communication metadata. These sources of metadata – including digital data, smart card data, and IoT device data – helps organizations understand how work gets done in the enterprise.

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How well do teams collaborate at work? How much time is spent in meetings? Use people analytics to uncover this data and improve productivity at work.




To solve your organization’s business problems, pick from our 6 Humanyze Elements Platform Modules.

Workplace Planning

Understand the right configuration and ROI for reconfiguring work areas. Allocate the right amount of meeting spaces and closed offices. Design common areas that promote unplanned communication.

Diversity and Inclusion

Calculate D&I program success, integrate employees, increase engagement, maximize retention, and measure how often employees are included in meetings and given management visibility.

Workload Assessment

Manage work-life balance, attract top talent, align hiring plans with
workloads, adjust “meeting culture” behavior, and allocate budget

Collaboration and Delivery

Mitigate risk, uncover potential communication gaps and bottlenecks between cross-functional teams, and optimize delivery and timelines.

Teamwork and Engagement

Identify leaders, retain top performers, check productivity levels

Regulatory and Compliance Risk

Identify early indicators of risky behavior, noncompliance, and unlawfulness. Map communication patterns, how meeting space is used, and where employees have casual interactions.