Humanyze Brings Advanced Analytics and New Data Sources To Your Business Decisions.  



Management tools in the past have delivered subjective, incomplete insights . With the explosion of available data you no longer have to rely on surveys or observations to understand what’s working (and what’s not). Our metrics quantify the previously un-measurable factors for team success, like collaboration and communication, that are essential for productivity and performance.

How do we do it? We discovered that data exhaust from systems such as email and Skype can be used to uncover informal communication networks. These communication networks are fundamental to understanding how work gets done on your team and within your organization. 

Business Process Optimization

Like most companies, you’re complex- you have thousands of workflow processes in action every minute of every day. How do you determine which ones are actually driving performance? Capture how communication patterns impact your processes. Get feedback on how process changes have affected your teams collaboration and work patterns, giving you the ability to continuously iterate and improve.  

The majority of today’s solutions provide a tremendous amount of insight around team performance but what they don’t reveal are the processes and behaviors that drive those results. With Humanyze Elements® you can objectively measure collaboration to better understand the components behind your teams’ success.

Anyone can create visualizations. It’s how you interpret and act on the data that matters. Humanyze’s science-backed analytics and data scientists can help.


Workspace Design & Planning

Executives and real estate professionals today are tasked with implementing workplace strategies that maximize team performance and collaboration. Previously you’ve had to rely on subjective information and one-size fits all office trends to drive decisions. Humanyze provides objective data to understand what kinds of spaces are optimal for your teams and determine where and how they best. Most importantly, you are able to receive continuous feedback allowing you to effectively design, measure, and adjust where needed.

Your workspace has a tremendous impact on how teams communicate, work, and deliver. In one case a subtle change in office layout increased collaboration and drove an increase sales of 11% at a major European bank.

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